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Improv and ink: Increasing individual writing fluency with collaborative improv.

DeMichele, M. | 2015

This article explores how short form/comedic improvisational theater (improv) impacts the development of writing fluency.

Is it the music or is it selection bias? A nationwide analysis of music and non-music students’ SAT scores

Elpus, K. | 2013

Previous studies have found evidence of a link between high school music participation and higher standardized test scores.

Cross-Study Findings: A View into a Decade of Arts Integration

Duma, A. L., & Silverstein, L. B. | 2014

The Kennedy Center’s CETA (Changing Education Through the Arts) program is a professional development partnership designed to support teachers’ employment of arts integration practices in their classrooms.

Found in translation: Interdisciplinary arts integration in Project AIM

Ingram, D., Pruitt, L., & Weiss, C. | 2014

Researchers and staff from Project AIM, an interdisciplinary arts-integration program in Chicago, designed a study to research arts integration as a method of translation.

Arts enrichment and school readiness for children at risk.

Brown, E. D., Benedett, B, & Armistad, M. E. | 2010

Arts enrichment programs provide varied channels for acquiring school readiness skills, especially for children at risk.

Impact of arts integration on voice, choice, and access.

Mason, C. Y., Steedly, K. M., & Thormann, M. S. | 2008

VSA arts conducted this study to investigate the relationship between substantive arts involvement and social, cognitive, and artistic development among students with disabilities.

The artistic and professional development of teachers: A study of teachers’ attitudes toward and use of the arts in teaching

Barry Oreck | 2004

In this mixed methods study of 423 K-12 teachers from diverse school settings, the researcher gauges teachers’ attitudes about arts practices in their teaching who have had access to arts-based professional development.

The arts are an “R” too: Integrating the arts and improving student literacy (and more) in the Mississippi Arts Commission’s Whole Schools Initiative.

Corbett, D., Wilson, B., & Morse, D. | 2002

This study evaluates the Whole Schools Initiative (WSI), funded by the Mississippi Arts Commission to incorporate arts into regular classroom instruction.

The flight of reading: Shifts in instruction, orchestration, and attitudes through classroom theatre

Wolf, S. A. | 1998

This research studied 17 children labeled “at risk” in a remedial third- and fourth-grade classroom.