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Investigating Causal Effect of Arts Education Experiences: Experimental Evidence From Houston’s Arts Access Initiative

Daniel H. Bowen and Brian Kisida. | 2020

May 2020

Cultivating Interest in Art: Causal Effects of Arts Exposure During Early Childhood

Kisida, B., Bowen, D. H., & Greene, J. P. | 2018

Despite a growing body of literature examining the effects of arts exposure and participation for youth, little is known about the development of attitudes toward art in early childhood. This study uses an experimental research design to investigate the effect of arts exposure on the development of children’s attitudes toward art.

Creating cultural consumers: The dynamics of cultural capital acquisition

B. Kisida, J.P. Greene, D.H. Bowen | 2014

The theories of cultural reproduction and cultural mobility have largely shaped the study of the effects of cultural capital on academic outcomes.

Measuring Critical Thinking: Results From an Art Museum Field Trip Experiment.

Kisida, B., Bowen, D.H., & Greene, J.P. | 2016

This study uses original data collected through a randomized controlled trial to measure the effects of school visits to an art museum.

The educational value of field trips

Jay Greene, Brian Kisida, Daniel Bowen | 2013

The school field trip has a long history in American public education.

Learning to think critically: A visual art experiment

Bowen, D. H., Greene, J. P., & Kisida, B. | 2014

In this study, researchers endeavored to find out whether exposure to the arts affects students’ ability to engage in critical thinking.